Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bon Voyage

I've had so much to blog lately and hardly any time to do it, and now it's going to have to wait another 11 days, because I'm going on The Cruise. I'm leaving tomorrow (Thursday); Brent and I are heading up to Seattle early in Puck (who went to the dealership for an oil change, a 23-point inspection, and a tire rotation at 8,600 miles, all for the low, low price of $17.99) to visit friends and will meet the rest of the crew (this means you! to some readers) at the dock on Saturday, when we will all depart for Alaska's Inside Passage. I am beside myself. I've driven the guys crazy at work obsessing over what to pack. I guess they'll be glad to see me go and get it over with.

The house has a new upstairs tenant, an older guy who walks quietly and gets his 12-year-old daughter for visitation most weekends. Bud finally picked a date to retire, but there's more to it than that, which will have to wait. Bekah turned 29 (ha, you'll always be older than me!) and Eric zipped himself into my suitcase while I was packing, and then packed my swimsuit and some socks to go to a "meeting" in the lilac bushes. Travis got a brand new Kawasaki bike, which he rides like a monkey on a unicycle.

I may never catch you up on all the news, because soon there will be hundreds (literally) of cruise pictures to sort through. But now it's bed time, if I can sleep. I have to try.


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