Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I came home for lunch just now and found a red paper tag on the handle of the Cadillac, which is, yes, still sitting in the driveway. I'll get to it this month, I swear. I looked at the tags on the plate as I walked up to make sure, thinking, the registration doesn't expire until the end of this month. What the heck? I picked up the tag and read:

"Hello! Our representative called today to inform you that your water service will be discontinued if you don't make arrangements to take care of your delinquent bill." My hand was streaking towards my cell phone to call and shriek at Kathy even before I noticed someone had handwritten "Turn over" at the bottom.

On the back, I read, "Just kidding. Gordon & Bruce."

Man it sucks when the entire water department knows where you live.

Now I have to think of something to do to them.

I know where they live too.


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