Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cleaning Out the Blog Pics Folder

Archie Niel Park, Kemmerer, Wyoming.

619 Topaz, only when I lived there it was green, not blue.

The elusive B.C. beats the heat.

My bedspread was hanging off the end of the bed one morning and as I walked by I accidentally toed a place that was particularly solid and said "meow?" and there was B.C., being cute and fuzzy in the Battenburg and matelasse.

I got away from posting artsy photos of myself a long time ago, but M took this in the Pontiac on the way to Thermopolis, and I look particularly eastern European and fierce, and I'm not a brunette anymore, so this is sort of a memorial to my dark hair period.

New wind farm on the Bigelow Bench.

This and the next were taken near Granite Hot Springs (south of Jackson Hole) July 2007.

Snow machining last winter.

Rainbow in the desert.

Fall Creek, near Fort William

This is from fall 2006, willows in the Wyoming Range.

This is Brent. And me, too, come to think of it.


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