Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Room Temperature

Spring, Wyoming! Ur doin it wrong!

This was the type of week in which a series of unfortunate events just exacerbated the fact that winter isn't funny anymore, and yet it persists. I spilled coffee on B.C., put my contacts in the wrong eyes, broke both thumbnails below the quick in separate but equally painful incidents, endured more inconsiderate behavior from my neighbors, plowed through a water treatment course to get credit hours and rushed around to get my Level IV test application in (yes, it's that time again, but this is the last one!) by the deadline, and just generally had rotten luck.

According to April posts from previous years, apparently I've never liked this month, either. I'm annoyed by the soggy ground and rotten banks of filthy snow, the frequent flurries that pass through. It still isn't going over 30 degrees very often, and when it does, there's melting and mud to contend with.

But we've had some fun, a birthday celebration for M (32 on the 30th) and cruise planning (Alaska in August) and I've been giving Puck frequent baths. Brent and I will make an Ogallala run next weekend after 14 very long weeks apart, and I hope the weather cooperates.

I've been trying to paint, but I'm easily frustrated and my attention span is unusually anemic. Bud and Jeff interviewed six candidates this week for our new operator position and were pleased with four, so Travis and I will be hosting tours next week. They've been really good about including us in the hiring process, although I manage to muster up less interest every day. I trust them to pick someone who will fit in, and I have other things on my mind. I can't wait for the new person to be settled in and for this minor upheaval to be a distant memory so we can get on with our lives. It doesn't help that this position is completely unnecessary. Bureaucracy makes me ill.

I can't wait for something, anything. An asteroid. A circus. A movie I actually want to see. May. June. Or just next weekend. I'm not happy with today, and it doesn't seem too enthusiastic about me, either.


Blogger mister anchovy said...

Here in Toronto, the weekend was beautiful...sunny and comfortable...still a bit cool, but comfortable. Our snow is almost all gone! Trout season opens in a couple weeks, and I'm itching to stand in the middle of stream waving a stick.

April 6, 2008 at 9:17 PM  

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