Sunday, March 09, 2008

Morning on the Farm

Wheeler Farm, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Look, guys! Swan Lake!"


Puck's new spiffy, sleek, subtle, sporty wraparound shades.

I spent a few hours distracting the denizens of Wheeler Farm from their breakfast Thursday morning after dropping Morgan off at the Salt Lake office of her engineering firm. I loved the doe-eyed Jersey cows and the creek full of mallards with luminous heads and a big cart horse that looked just like the Breyer model I had as a kid, Roy. The farm is a very photogenic place, and I later spent more than I intended to on watercolor supplies with which to paint the critters. (Nothing is more motivating than new art supplies, and I am in need of motivation.)

It was a quick two days, but we managed to sneak in some shopping, fairly fancy dining, and a late night mojito-and-brownie run. And I got away from Evanston, which was just what I needed. Salt Lake is sufficiently lower in elevation than we are to have nearly no snow left on the ground, and the grungy drifts that still litter our streets were a difficult thing to return to. But M had a chili cook-off to crash and a life-size cardboard outhouse to construct, so we had to come back. Photos of that to follow.


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