Monday, March 03, 2008

The Losers

So once again, I get no love from the American Diabetes Association art contest judges. But that's totally okay, because that just means I can post the cards here with the rest of my life, where they belong. (I have a tragically hard time parting with my art, which may preclude me ever becoming a professional artist.) Also it makes me feel good to donate the entry fee. Next year I'll double it.

Alas, Windows XP is rejecting my 'lil ol' HP scanner like a secondhand kidney, so the Olympus had to do the best it could without a flash, and much of the detail is lost unless you open them in a new window. But still, cute. Brent named them the Holiday Stowaways. If I remember -- will someone remind me? -- I'll print some up for sale at Cheri's "Organization Formerly Known as KKI" auction in October. Sold!

Mouse with Camel.

Cardinal with Reindeer.

(Pardon my tangent: "'Walrus... with... wig.' But... if he goes in the water, it'll git off!") (Okay, so there was this alphabet book we had as kids, and Mom had the incredible foresight [before the age of camcorders, if you can believe] to record Morgan reading it when she was, what? Six? And it had these great alliterations, like "Zebra with zither" and... those are the only two I remember. But Morgan voiced her concern about the walrus's hairpiece in an anxious tone that still comes through on the cassette.)

(I also have a cassette recording of myself playing the solo to "Meditation" in the Mar Vista High School gymnasium at a jazz concert when I was a 14-year-old freshman, and even though the solo is really, truly awful [I was to become great later], the recording features Tonetta and Kym and Twinkie whistling and screaming my name, which is fun, but also preserves Dad's voice as he, lightly looped on gin, hummed merrily along with my solo, off-key but persistent. I think he even hoots once. It's one of my prized possessions. And what a tangent this was.)


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