Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hearst Castle and Highway 101

My second workshop day in Morro Bay was finished by noon, so I had the afternoon to meander up the 101. I didn't really intend to stop at Hearst Castle, but when I saw it shimmering on the hill I had to pull off. It was everything promised by Mom and Kathleen, who went during their trip to Monterey. A marvel of architecture and art, it was worth every penny and the three-hour delay that put me in traffic just outside of Carmel later.

The facades reminded me so much of Balboa Park in San Diego -- and indeed, the architect modeled them after those buildings -- that I couldn't wait for my February trip down south.

Big Sur

Pacific sunset, Hwy 101 south of Carmel. Bring your A game on this drive or you could very easily die.


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