Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Missing Months

September and October were our last months with Suitcase. Had I known we were going to lose the big guy, I might have spent more time with him, taken more pictures. As it is I have a lot of pictures over his lifetime... a few videos, recordings of his purring, a tuft of his amazing soft fur... and a lovely box of cat ashes boxed up by Sacramento Animal Hospital, our heroes. The whole ordeal really shook me throughout October and November, and I have very little memory of August and September as a result, and not many photos to piece them together. I'm working on it.

Despite everything, in October we snuck off to Santa Rosa to check out the filming location of Alfred Hitchcock's excellent Shadow of a Doubt. We did locate the house, the depot, and the court house, but the rest of the town was unrecognizable. As Brent put it, "What they've done to this town is a step back." The city center has been built up with ugly modern malls and storefronts, and otherwise the town looks like any other in the region, sort of generic. Disappointing, since the town we saw in the film was gorgeous... but we did find a costume shop where we bought the most amazing giant horse head mask for Morgan's "7 Deadly Sins" costume for a Jaycees event we attended when I zipped home to Wyoming the end of the month for our annual Halloween party. Pictures of that to follow.


Posing behind our orange couch, just before the end. He's nearly half his normal weight.

I took this in my travels (somewhere around Valley Springs) and tagged Cordale when I posted it on Facebook.

Morgan got tagged, too.

Historic Santa Rosa estate, being painstakingly refurbished by the City.

Santa Rosa depot where a scene from Shadow of a Doubt was filmed.

The house from the same movie.

Cyclisk, an obelisk made of bicycle parts.

Santa Rosa court house.



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