Thursday, March 24, 2011


In November I had workshops "down south" and fell in love with a little town called Morro Bay. Just north of San Luis Obispo, which has the highest quality of life in the U.S. (according to numerous studies I'm too lazy to look up right now), Morro Bay boasts an amazing estuary and wildlife preserve, a great little marina, a surprisingly appealing power plant just on the water, and a giant volcanic cone at the mouth of the bay called Morro Rock (which is also a bird preserve of some kind). An amazing place in so many ways, peaceful and outdoorsy, with sea shell shops and great Thai food. While I worried about Brent and Big Cat back home, I hung out in Cayucos and had a fried squid sandwich at The Sea Shanty.

Morro Rock

Tall Ship

Bikes at the Inn at Morro Bay

Hats on the ceiling at The Sea Shanty in Cayucos

Morro Bay Estuary

Near Paso Robles, just off the highway

Almost to I-5, abandoned tanks and grain repository


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