Saturday, April 11, 2009

San Diego M.S. Walk, April 4th, 2009

I love the desert in the evening. Somewhere around Barstow, I think.

This is the front door of the house in Imperial Beach where we lived for six years, including the four years I went to high school at Mar Vista. A lot of stuff happened to us in that house. I loved the bougainvillea and the droopy lilies and the pepper tree, and the giant hedge of jade plant along the sidewalk. In the right-of-way between the sidewalk and the street, all the poppies and daisies I planted are blooming in profusion.

Imperial Beach looking south towards Mexico.

Pier Plaza in Imperial Beach.

Faith Esperanza. (Faith Hope. And her mother's name is Hope. I find it amusing.)

Tapioca, quite possibly the cutest creature alive. She's sweet, too, and she's SOOOOFT.

Twinkie and Heather's Damien, who is expecting a sister in five months!

Toni and Dad.

Starting line. Only a 3-mile walk, and the weather was gorgeous, about 67 degrees. I love San Diego.

Kym, Heather, Damien, Tapioca, Twinkie and Toni.

San Diego M.S. walk 2009.

My beautiful city from the northwest.

Leina and friend came from Barstow, but I drove farther.

Downtown from the Coronado Ferry Landing, one of my favorite places anywhere.

My girls after the symphony, Toni, Twink, and the impossibly glamorous Kym.

It was heaven.


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