Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Photos

One of my favorite photographs in the world, maybe because I'm missing her acutely these days. Gram (at our wonderful little old house on Topaz, the only house she ever owned) with the nameless Cat (his vet records said "Tiger" but we never called him that, and we had a neighbor who called him "General"), an incomparable creature, a cat who thought he was a dog or another human child. Mom found him in an alley in Kemmerer and we had him for 15 long years, even hauling him to California and back. He was the most delicious thing, rarely aloof like cats are and with a very human quality of compassion when one was upset and with a wicked sense of humor, a lot like Gram's. He was also a rag doll. He slept with us, he met me daily on my way home from school both in Kemmerer and in California. He explored our Imperial Beach neighborhood with Gram. He endured fleas. He fought with Bo. He had, literally, an orange stomach with black spots and the most wonderful, greenest, most human eyes. I'll find a better picture of his face somewhere.

On the Big Comfy Couch with Daisy the 100-lb. lap dog, back in December, with my crocheting bag.

We have nowhere near this much snow this year. These are from November of 2005.

Machine Shop ceiling at the Railyards.


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