Thursday, March 26, 2009


I enjoy people who say "huck" instead of "throw." As in, "Huck that rock right out there." Like the guy who did our Rocky Mountain Power safety training today. He also had a nifty little model with power lines that shot real arcs of blue electricity at a kite, a tree, a car, a bird, and a person. The presentation was one less hour I had to spend at work on my Friday, and I was happy about that. I was not happy about all the snow we got overnight and the flurries that continued throughout the morning, but I'm happy that it's just slush on the streets right now and that there might still be enough snow to ski on at the golf course tomorrow. On my walk last night I found a golf ball in the gutter of Union Center Road, across from the golf course. Somebody jumped the gun on spring. That's probably why it snowed.

I'm so tired I could collapse. I burned popcorn in the microwave today. I spilled water. I couldn't make complete sentences. I did make cabbage soup. I've been putting off calling the landlady to tell her the refrigerator is dying, so I have a few frozen foods in the trunk of the Cadillac. I'm packing for San Diego a week early because it's all I can think of right now without any negative strings attached. I might as well take a nap.


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