Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Adventures in Language

A: There's a blood-borne pathogens seminar on April 3rd.
Mar goan?
Translation: Wim* are goin', we/you are going?)
A: Mushood.
Translation: Wim should, I should.) The management manual here says it's a vital component of any emergency response plan.
Jeff: ... (with one eyebrow cocked)
Phone rings. Jeff answers it and carries on a brief conversation, speaking very respectable American English with a slight western drawl.
A: They'll be serving refreshments. Probably donuts.
Travis: Oh yeah, mar goan.

*"Wim" is Jeffspeak for "we." I swear. And yet, I understand this man perfectly, the first time, every time, and I have known few people in this world more intelligent than he is. As with everything in his life, he's just found ways to simplify the English language, that's all. The problem is that it's contagious.


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