Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Silver Lining

I've been annoyed so repeatedly today that I don't know where to begin. Maybe I'll start with the ginormous SUV in my driveway, the one that's blocking Puck in, the one whose driver is apparently at a function at either the church across the street or the elementary school on the opposite corner. People are unbelievable.

I'm also slightly annoyed by the constant noise of the miniature dirt bike circling eternally in the backyard next door, revving repeatedly to navigate the corners in the small confines. In that vein, I'm also offended by the incessant barking of the ginormous Pomeranian on the other side of my kitchen wall. My incessant typing might be annoying it.

I was annoyed at having to hear the non-word "boughten" from two different mouths today.

There were other things I've endeavored to forget, so I won't recount them here.

The highlight of the day was when, in the middle of a quiet afternoon of study, Robbie whipped out his cellphone, dialed a number, and said, "Yes, I'm trying to get my hands on some lutefisk."


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