Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mad Cats and Hot Chix

Photo: jillhanna

Aaaaaah! Ahahahaha! I do not put my cats in clothes, but I was surfing (oh GO if you haven't already, you'll love it. Just search whatever handmade thing you love -- quilts, hats, jewelry -- and gorge yourself on the creativity of people) recently and came across an article debating whether cats are more fashionable than dogs, which is a ridiculous thing to argue because neither animal should wear clothes but it was this paragraph that got me: "Nothing is more heartwarming than a glowering, seething and outraged kitty in a cute handmade sweater. Here are some of my favorite Etsy items to best humiliate your adorable wittle snoogums this winter (and keep your pet warm and toasty, too)." And there was a link to a lot of handmade sweaters for cats but none were as adorably P.O.d as this guy, and if you'd like to buy his hoodie for your cat go here, and go armed with $30.

In other pet news, Oreo (a.k.a. The Kitten) is living large with my cousins Cara and Garrick, tormenting Twinkie and eating the leaves off the green bean plant. She loves him:

And in yet more pet news, when Angie, who is Garrick's sister, couldn't have a kitten, she got the next best thing:

I know, right? He may be a snake, but she loves him.

In non-pet news, I drove the Recently Winterized Puck to Ogden today just to Get Out of Town and spent $250 stocking up on yarn for Christmas presents, Elizabeth Arden face cream (winter's coming), and a Roxy hoodie that nearly made me swoon when I saw it at Ross, but I recovered quickly and snatched it from the rolling rack bound for I Know Not Where, because that hoodie was destined to come home with me. I'd rather spend $30 on a hoodie for me than a hand-knit sweater for Kitty, who would not appreciate it nearly as much, and I can't buy clothes for Big Cat because he's plus-sized and I don't want him to become sensitive about it. Although he does look dashing in his little bowtie for the thirty seconds he can stand to leave it on.

And I decided today that no matter how much I love Target and their little trays of deli sushi, they are no Trader Joe's, and why don't those people realize they could make a killing in the Salt Lake Valley even without sales of Two Buck Chuck? Seriously, even The Cheesecake Factory is still dangerously jammed to the gills daily after a year in Salt Lake, long after the novelty wore off at most other locations. The Salt Lake Valley Loves Chain Stores and Buying in Bulk, and I'm beginning to think I love Salt Lake. They have a longer growing season than Evanston.

Sometimes I hem things with staples.


Blogger marymuses said...

Oreo is adorable!

I never thought that I'd be the kind of person to put my cat in clothes, but when it's less than $4, and the cat in question is a lot like Nermal, it's pretty hilarious. For $30, though...yeah, that's a little bit nuts.

November 3, 2008 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger JillHannah said...

Thanks for posting my cat sweater! Just came stumbling onto it via the wonders of self-googling. Mind you, the whole cat sweater thing started for my friend's hairless cat, and they start at $30 because they are hand-knit and custom to your cat's particular measurements and your particular taste (color, design, etc.). But then again, I have a dog.


November 24, 2008 at 9:39 AM  

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