Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Half Baked

I occasionally buy yoga pants and chunky sweaters from Victoria's Secret (I know, right?) so I get a catalog in the mail at least every other day, and tonight I was browsing through one and noticed that in one image a superthin model in swingy salmon-colored knitwear appears to be eating a croissant. She has the bulk of the bread in one hand and another piece in the fingers of her other hand, which is holding it to her mouth, and she's got the flaky shred clamped between her grinning/grimacing teeth in such a way that it appears she's resisting, like maybe she hates croissants but someone off camera is pointing a gun at her, telling her she'd better eat that thing or else. And even though it's very uncomfortable, it makes me wish that every model in the catalog had her own personal croissant and gunman, because the glossies keep telling me that the fashion industry is turning to models of a more realistic size, but I'm just not seeing it.

I've been otherwise constructive (sort of) and a too uninspired (and lazy) to blog lately, but I'm not going away. Don't abandon me, because summer already has (it was 70 today, but I'm not fooled; the trees are yellow), and I couldn't bear it if you did, too. Stand by for an exciting photo montage of Summer 2008.


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