Monday, October 10, 2005

From Coach to Pumpkin in No Time Flat

The images that follow (or precede, however you want to look at it) are from Mom's week in Monterey. She takes great photos. And she brings back lots of sugary souvenirs, and things with magnets, and silly, wonderful stories. She brought me the middle eastern spice I covet but can't seem to find in Salt Lake, mahlepi, so I can make a batch of Greek Easter bread. (It's a pungent, slightly off-white powder, so she packed it carefully away, afraid that the folks at the Delta baggage check would think she was a drug smuggler.) She was so tired she slept until almost noon today in my dark abode. Then we went for Chinese and got our hair cut. I wanted something really short but can't seem to take the plunge, so I just got it trimmed. I constantly play with my hair, take it up, put it down, twirl it and deftly tie knots that instantly spring out. In school it drove teachers insane. My grandpa used to call me "Little Hair-Twirler," and I'm not sure I could function without that comforting habit. Not to mention that long hair is one of the few things about me (besideds my DD's) that makes me feel really, truly girly when I want to. After Mom headed home, I watched a show about Alexander and one about Napoleon while I sketched. And I have decided that if all great people are nuts, I must be on my way.

I went with M&K tonight to see The Corpse Bride and found that it failed to stupefy me. A wonderful jaunt through a colorful underworld, but I'm beginning to think that Tim Burton will never be able to top The Nightmare Before Christmas, which changed my life. It was the first thing I ever saw that really said to me, "create from your heart, and you will be happy, and make others happy. It's okay to be who you are."

More posts later about Mom's adventure, including Hearst Castle, whale watching, seafood for a week solid, the 18th green at Pebble Beach, cypress trees, and pelicans.


Blogger Shepcat said...

Did you notice that you spelled "besides" with two d's in your parenthetical? I'm not trying to edit you — I just thought it was genius as typos and Freudian slips go.

Boldly defiant of personal boundaries, I'd cast my vote for you not to cut your hair. Hair twirling — especially when a woman is distracted and doesn't realize she's doing it — is one of those odd things I find alluring and attractive. And even though I'm geographically precluded from seeing you twirl yours, it's just a comfort to know that it's happening somewhere. (But you may feel free to take my potentially creepy cyberstalking observations with a grain of salt.)

October 11, 2005 at 12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Wookie with lots of fur, I have to admit that I also partake in the odd twirl or two.

Mostly I do it subconciously but it's as a result of being so fidgety.

Don't cut your fur, unless you look like me then you might want to go for a bit of a trim.

Just don't dye it blonde. I think that's why blondes get a bad rep. The natural blondes are okay, they haven't got any mental probs but the bottle blondes. I think the peroxide soaks into their skulls and munt their brains. :-)

October 11, 2005 at 4:33 PM  
Blogger A said...

Wookie, I ama blonde. At least I think of myself that way, a sort of residual self image (ripoff!) from childhood, when I was decidedly towheaded.

Shepcat, you're about as threatening as a houseplant- despite the scholarly Douglas scowl- so feel free to observe at will. (I've read enough of your blog to know a closet softie when I see one.) And blogging is, after all, a general invitation to communicate. So the ballots are in and the mane stays. And geography is in no way a permanent state of affairs.

I didn't catch the typo- one of the rare times I actually typed a post in blogger and didn't copy from an original document in Word, after extensive editing- it would have been better if the d's were right together, but I'll bite.

October 11, 2005 at 10:57 PM  

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