Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Hike

A week ago Mom, Morgan and I hiked up the mountain behind where the White Pine ski area is now. Mom spent several childhood summers here where her parents ran a sawmill. The mill and other structures (cabins, bunkhouse) had to be moved according to forestry regulations, but we went in search of a specific site and found it after just a few hours. She remembered things being bigger.

One hike, three cameras, White Pine ski runs in the background.

In case of bears!

Elk tracks.

Fremont Lake.

Mom begins to recognize things, and soon we know we've found the homesite she left over 51 years ago when logging operations in the area shut down, shortly before her father died. Gram shot a bear across this meadow when it got to close to Mom and her brother, Jerry, who were playing in the creek.

This is the spring they got their water from; planks were still there from the box Mom's dad built to hold milk, butter, etc. in the ice-cold water.

A pile of rocks Mom remembered behind the cabin.

Spring from up the hill.

Lodgepole pines.

White Pine Lodge.


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