Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visit from the Stork

I am sort of distraught counting the posts I've started and not finished. I always think some little condition will be the big change that enables me to finish more of them. I suspect I'm going through a lazy phase.

There's so much going on right now. The advent of three precious months of Wyoming summer, MAD CRAZY project load at work even without a huge crisis like today (we got hit by lightning last night and spent the day troubleshooting and $pending City money), a joyful family pregnancy, my 'lil fledgling art business, virtual farming, etc.

But I thought I'd drop in tonight and report that my shiny new MacBook Pro left Shanghai today (I'm assuming China, unless there's a Shanghai, Connecticut, but that would be CT instead of CN so yeah, CHINA) bundled in the loving arms of some FedEx dude. I ordered a Regular but they super-sized me to Pro because I waited so long that they came out with a new version of the Pro priced lower than the Regular I ordered, so BONUS for $150 less: backlit keyboard, 320 gig hard drive, 4G RAM, SD slot, etc.

Etc. Lots of those tonight. Life, etc. Dang. I'm just tired.


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