Friday, August 10, 2007

I'll Never Catch Up

These are gllimpses into the summer I haven't had time to blog about, dating all the way back to May when I went to Thermopolis with Morgan and Kelly for a WWQ & PCA meeting. I am almost organized. Honest.

Just what everybody needs.

Thermopolis geology.

Oh give me a home...

Horse skeleton in Thermopolis.

Seagulls at Bear Lake in July.

Church window in Mountain View, Wyoming.

Condensed 4th of July.

Cordale lights off fireworks (smudge stick filter).

I had to plug Johnny Depp's nose to get him to take his medicine. (Sorry I mocked your pillow case, Ku.)

The painting I donated to the Renewal Ball in June. I don't know who bought it or for how much, and I don't particularly care. Just another sign of the dreadful apathy that has taken over where anything related to Evanston is concerned- except, of course, for its drinking water.

Sailboat on Fremont Lake

I bet you've never seen such adorable sisters.

They found me under a rock (in Thermopolis, Wyoming, in May).

Jeff got splattered with sodium hypochlorite last week. It has about 15% available chlorine, compared to the 5% or so in household bleach. Those pants will disintegrate if washed.

The storm that almost got me in Denver last weekend.


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