Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bad Move

So, this morning when my alarm went off I reached up and hit snooze, rolled over onto my right side with my right arm folded up underneath the pillow, and closed my eyes again. (Kitty was staring into my face from the next pillow, purring loudly. This is a part of our daily routine, but she seemed a little more alert than usual, bobbing her head and shifting her weight. Before my ten minute reprieve was up, I knew why.)

Just after drifting off, I felt something brush my face very gently above my right eyebrow. It tickled like heck and I reacted automatically, having lived in this basement for almost three years now: I smacked my left hand to my forehead and swept it towards the pillow- swiping something soft and tiny off my face.

I never found the hairy, balled-up spider body. I did find a miniscule, spiky, jointed leg on the pillow. The body must have fallen into the space between the pillow and the wall. I didn't go looking for it.


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