Thursday, March 23, 2006

Every Second Counts

I'm watching Chip Foose and the gang OVERHAULIN' a rusty Mustang, looks like maybe a '65. They're pranking the owner, pretending to be cops and telling the poor guy they're monitoring a possible chop shop where they think they've found his stolen pony, and for the reveal they lay the crew down in the parking lot (bound with industrial plastic zip-ties, I love it) and ask him to see if he can identify the car thief. The witness blanks when they haul our hero up by the scruff of his neck and has to be told he's been overhauled, but it's worth it when he sees the Mustang, unbelievably transformed, glossy and growling with a big Ford Racing engine. He promised his late father he'd keep the car on the road, which made his giddy excitement all the more endearing.

Maybe Chip could help us with the Pontiac.


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