Friday, October 21, 2005

Lemon Crush

I have a new obsession. I picked up some Lemon Ice Crest toothpaste at Smith's Thursday, and I can't recall ever being happier about any personal hygiene product. I brush my teeth four or five times a day on routine days (it's just my thing, okay?) and I get really tired of mint, which I was never that crazy about in the first place. So the recent flavored toothpaste craze has me pretty excited. I liked the citrus stuff, the vanilla-mint was weird but tolerable, cinnamon reminds me of Dad's Close Up and I enjoy it despite the fact that I can't stand cinnamon candy, except for Atomic Fireballs... but the lemon? It's awesome. It's all I can do to resist carrying it around with me. Angie, whose mom Cheri has a far worse dental fixation than mine, would probably say that's not a good idea. Her advice to you would be this: never just pick up a canned beverage and start sipping if Cheri's been around.


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