Friday, July 15, 2005

Snake Pee

Okay so, the snake pee. We were walking down the steps to the UV (Ultraviolet Disinfection, a worthless 1,500 gallon stainless steel tank full of UV bulbs that hasn't worked right since it was installed) to see if kicking it would help, and Travis said, "oh look." A central loop of rather smallish garter snake was sticking out of a seam in the concrete, sunning itself in the early light before it got too hot. "Grab it." So I hooked the loop with my finger, and sure enough, out came a very pretty little 22-inch brown garter snake. But when I went to grab her head with my other hand, she PEED ON ME. I let go quicker than if she had bitten me. I don't mind bites but pee is another thing. I have no idea where it came from. I didn't ever think about snakes having holes, but I guess they have to. I had to Google 'snake anatomy' when I got home. "You scared the piss out of her!" said Travis. Next time he's picking up the snake.


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