Saturday, February 12, 2005

Talk is Cheap

But I don't care. I'll listen and I'll pay, every time. I'm not alone. She and her family can probably tell you just exactly how far off is that old cliche.

It helps that over two dozen people have told me, out of the blue, that I have the perfect voice to be a 900 hotline operator. They are invariably people who are on the phone with me, so apparently my appearance doesn't much lend itself to that idea. It doesn't lend itself to much of anything, now that I think of it. I am much more on the inside than I appear; aren't we all?

I did, I watched the Happy Days 30th Reunion Show, for just a little while. It's no surprise that Scott Baio has aged better than anyone else in the cast; he was always extraordinarily pretty. Of course, he was about 15 when everyone else was 30-ish, so maybe I should stop criticizing. I wish these reunion shows would be more honest, less scripted and more intimate. I'd love to hear what Henry Winkler and Ron Howard were really thinking. I'm glad they showed a clip of the episode where Fonzie sobs while praying for his best friend's life in a darkened hospital room. I know a lot of guys who might benefit from repeated viewing of that scene.

Didn't I say that after Christmas, things would slow down a little? Didn't I insist that I'd have the time to hash it out with my priorities? Isn't there a surgical procedure or electric shock treatment or hypnotherapy out there, isn't there something, anything that can help me deal with time? I just want to get to work at 6:55AM instead of 7:03AM every morning. I'd just like to get eight hours of sleep every night. I'm so, so tired of being rushed.

I have a lot of important things to say, but right now I don't have at my command the vocabulary to make myself clear, let alone astound you with my signature verbal artwork. I might have to forget about meaningful, impressive blog entries until after my Level I test the first week of May. Sudden prolonged studying, after almost six years on hiatus, is kicking my a**.

I've got the Happy Days theme stuck in my head, and I'm glad of it.


Blogger Libby said...

Wish I had watched the Happy Days reunion. And, yes, I wish they'd give some juicy details as well. Chauchi....yum, he was also a cutie! My friend's dogs are actually named Joni and Chauchi. They are my goddogs. Joni has above-average intelligence, and Chauchi has below-average smarts. They make for an interesting pair. :)

February 15, 2005 at 2:06 PM  

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