Friday, January 21, 2005

Splish Splash

Never underestimate the emotional value of silent laughter. Cheering yourself up without offending the tender dignity of someone else is immeasurably useful.

Nobody, and I do mean nobody, does drag like Jimmy Fallon. Maybe I'm wrong, but hey.

Oh. My. God, what a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is the blue it can only be in Wyoming, it's almost forty degrees, and the four-inch-thick layer of ice on the roads is melting into huge dirty lakes in driveways and gutters. I'm taking more notice of water, suddenly, in all aspects... when I shower, drink, drive. Pretty soon I'll be surrounded by it, and I'm sure I'll never look at it the same. I'll see the ocean again someday, but by then I'll be forced to think of all the steps necessary to treat it if I wanted to make it totally potable. But for now, I just like to splash in puddles. I have an old, square SUV that really gets the best of them.

Thirteen of the most amazing women in the world took me to lunch yesterday. I'm flattered they all turned out; a few even rescheduled important engagements to see me off right. I cleaned my desk out today, slowly, and into a carboard box like they do on T.V., but the major gutting was of the computer I've used for a year and a half. I'll miss it; it's like an old friend. They remembered to take my keys away, but my new boss Bud brought me a set to the Water Plant. "In case you beat Jeff there Sunday morning," he said, and to their credit, the girls waited until he was gone to rib me. I've been at least five minutes late to City Hall every day for the past year. I'll miss that, too.

It's bittersweet, but it's going to be great.

Stand by for puppy pictures.


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